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"A Stitch In Time MAX COLORS" set of Drills for Denise Macgregor custom Invoice for HAED

"A Stitch In Time MAX COLORS" set of Drills for Denise Macgregor custom Invoice for HAED

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"A Stitch In Time MAX COLORS" Drills only $550


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*NOTE: when purchasing remember due to covid delays in CHINA orders can take up to 12 weeks however I try my best to notify and get orders out after 6 weeks.

Return policy

Q: what are your diamond drills Made from?

A: all the Diamond drills I sell are Resin! 


Q: How much is shipping?

A: As for now shipping for orders above $100 are free


Q: how fast will I get my items?

A: in 3-6 weeks from date of purchase for Diamond Painting 6-12 for Drill orders

orders are for filled in the order they are received. So I strive to have faster processing times currently it is taking about 3 to 6 weeks for orders to be filled, once shipped your items should get to you in 3 to 7 business days.


Q: why did you open a Diamond painting drill shop?

A: since I started diamond painting I love various designs from heaven and earth designs however I couldn't find a drill shop with the drill quality I liked and preferred edit price that was reasonable to me, Therefore I created JadedGemShop


Q: why does processing takes so long?

A: JadedGemShop  is currently run by a one person operation. The owner Jade has to edit labels, print and cut labels, individually weigh each drill color, double seal each packet of drills for each order which can take some time especially when the waiting list is 20 orders long. Though she strives to for fill orders as quickly as possible she also works full-time as a resident Guest teacher.

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Customer Reviews

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Denise Macgregor
HAED Canvas & Drills

Ordered drills & a canvas after I was unhappy with a previous supplier’s acrylic drills. I am happy with the drills; they do not seem to have much gapping. I was also delighted to see we could buy a pre numbered canvas and the quality is nice but the orientation is wrong. My HAED 182.5 cm wide by 130 cm long is a landscape and the canvas was made portrait which means in the top left corner I have a random number of columns at the beginning and it makes it very hard to match it to the pattern keeper pages. If I turned it round then I had a random number of rows at the top which was worse than the random columns so went with the first option. I would recommend that the owner makes sure the canvas is made in the same orientation. I did email/send picture's and perhaps now that I have started working on it should have asked for a replacement or should have been offered a replacement as it is really doing my head in and I find it really slow going hence the 3 star rating! I appreciate the stickers that came with my HAED order but one comment I would make is to re-arrange the sheet so that the symbol and DMC number are side by side. If someone has very small round or square containers the sticker would be too big as the letters “DMC” are between the symbol & number.
I also found the symbols on the sticker very small and have not used them so if the DMC letters were taken out then maybe the symbol could be made slightly bigger.
Overall very pleased with the service and Jade’s patience as this order had to be been done twice. I initially ordered in July 2022 but the first delivery was put in my recycling bin which is my go to place for couriers to put deliveries into but it went AWOL when my neighbour put it out for collection while I was away. Sometimes you have to laugh though, things could be a lot worse!

Thank you for sharing your issues as its the only way we can improve! We have talked with our supplier and rectified the issue as we never foresaw this issue.

we will take your feedback on the sticker and keep it in mind!