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Fruit Inspired JadedGemPen's Palm Placer Ergonomic Diamond Painting Pen!

Fruit Inspired JadedGemPen's Palm Placer Ergonomic Diamond Painting Pen!

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Try out one of Jadedgemshop's ergonomically palm placer pens! 

These is ready to ship and is inspired by Fruit!


 slight imperfections may be there but pen should work perfectly and feel smooth! 

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If you don't feel like leaving an order note for a specific color tell me and just want one no issue go ahead and check out in one of the various colors that is listed below.

If you would like something a little more custom or multiple colors please email me for a quote! 







*tip not included

Return policy

Q: what are your diamond drills Made from?

A: all the Diamond drills I sell are Resin! 


Q: How much is shipping?

A: As for now shipping for orders above $100 are free


Q: how fast will I get my items?

A: in 3-6 weeks from date of purchase for Diamond Painting 6-12 for Drill orders

orders are for filled in the order they are received. So I strive to have faster processing times currently it is taking about 3 to 6 weeks for orders to be filled, once shipped your items should get to you in 3 to 7 business days.


Q: why did you open a Diamond painting drill shop?

A: since I started diamond painting I love various designs from heaven and earth designs however I couldn't find a drill shop with the drill quality I liked and preferred edit price that was reasonable to me, Therefore I created JadedGemShop


Q: why does processing takes so long?

A: JadedGemShop  is currently run by a one person operation. The owner Jade has to edit labels, print and cut labels, individually weigh each drill color, double seal each packet of drills for each order which can take some time especially when the waiting list is 20 orders long. Though she strives to for fill orders as quickly as possible she also works full-time as a resident Guest teacher.

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