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JadedGemTac "Forever Sticky" Clear Putty Cleanable Sticky Filling!

JadedGemTac "Forever Sticky" Clear Putty Cleanable Sticky Filling!

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Jadedgemshop's Made-To-Order Lightly Scented Cleanable Sticky Filling! Two square sheets and 4 sheets with 9 small dots each. If you want ask for manufacturer large round samples

Keep in mind this product is difficult to use and may have a learning curve. see instructions below

This new and original product was created and tested by Jade herself!

How does this new wax/putty substitute work? 

 This Forever Sticky is a pre-made mixture that is cleanable which will stay in the tips, is long-lasting, and will be shipped to you ready to use right out of the package just put it in your tips and go!

Can I use it on AB drills?

We do not recommend using on ab drills as it will pull off ab coating or worst case pull out the sticky filling.

What do I do if it's too sticky?

To prime the tip for use you need to "dirty it up" You can do this by tapping the sticky on the back of the hand or gently tap on clothing so it is less sticky

How do you clean it when it accumulates dust and dirt?

Simple! Get a damp paper towel or wet wipe and wet the tip and GENTLY with pressure wipe off the top exposed sticky gel (if very dirty you may use alcohol or soapy water) let dry for a minute and it's ready to be used again! 

However, when it is time that it gets too dirty to clean anymore, we recommend you just snip off the top layer and "top off" what is left in tip as to waste less product.

Can I Pull Out The Sticky Gel? 

Yes, However, we recommend you just snip off the top layer and top off what is left as to waste less product.

 How To Use Instructions!

1. Open your jar of clear sticky putty sheets, there are large sheets and small dots
large sheets are best for multi-placers and dots for single-3 placers
2. for a single placer cut a small dot in half. For multi-placer use sharp scissors to cut a sliver the width of your tip from sheet
3. If the putty is sticking to tweezers or scissors you can pull off putty and wet tweezers with isopropyl alcohol, water may also work as a barrier.
4. for single placer ball up half on one small dot and putty on the tip of tweezers twist and push putty down inside the tip, for multi-placers with a sliver cut from sheet work in sections one side to the other I recommend spraying the tip with alcohol so you may get filling deeper into the tip for first filling.
5. Once you shove putty as far down into the tip as you can there will be excess sticking out.
6. Take some scissors and cut off the excess, the excess may be added back to the pot and reused later :)
7. Your tip is all ready to use! If it is too sticky you can prime the tip by tapping on clothes or the skin of arms/hands.


 slight imperfections in the "Filling" may be there but  should work perfectly! 




*this is a pre order and can take 2-8 weeks based on volume 

*Pen not included, tip not included 

Return policy

What are your diamond drills made from?
All diamond painting drills are made of RESIN.

Why does drill order (conversion kits, custom drills orders) processing takes so long?
Jaded Gem Shop is currently a one person operation. The owner, Jade, has to edit labels, print and cut labels, individually weigh each drill color, double seal each packet of drills for each order which can take some time especially when the waiting list is 20 orders long. She does strives to for fill orders as quickly as possible.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is calculated at checkout. Add items to your cart to see the exact fee.

Jaded Gem Shop does not provide estimates, nor is responsible, on any duty, VAT, taxes or clearance charges that may be applicable outside of the USA. Buyer is solely responsible for understanding and complying with the import requirements of the destination country.

Has my order shipped?
You will receive an email notifying you when your order has been processed and is shipped.

How fast will I get my items?
For diamond paintings, orders can take 3-12 weeks to be shipped as stated in multiple locations on the website.

For diamond painting drill orders, you can expect 6-12 weeks as all drill orders are filled in the order received. We strive for faster processing times, but cannot be responsible for events out of our control.

Once shipped, items should arrive to you in 3-7 business days.

Where do you ship from?
All items are sent from our location in California.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cindy S

This stuff is great!! I put some in my single placer and my multi placer and after 2-3 weeks it's still going! I would highly recommend it!


It works great! Had it in my single placer for over a week