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V2 "Kiss A Frog" Artist: @Mari945 | JadedGemShop Diamond Painting Kit

V2 "Kiss A Frog" Artist: @Mari945 | JadedGemShop Diamond Painting Kit

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Drill Shape

Licensed diamond painting kits! All art is Licensed ether directly by artist or through licensing sites so they may fairly get compensated for their work!

see second product image for pixel size imagined rendering NOT FINAL ONLY USE FOR PIXEL REFERENCE!

note: final Render is much cleaner 


Want to add AB Drills? do so here:


This kit includes

~One printed diamond painting canvas with poured glue adhesive

~Square or Round resin drills with assigned DMC colors 

~Washi Tape

~DMC Paper Schematic

NOTE: tool kit is not included automatically to reduce overall product waste, if you would like a tool kit please add it to cart before purchasing here:


* note all JadedGemShop branded canvases come with drills from the same supplier as drill sold “by the gram” so quality will remain consistent!



*NOTE: when purchasing remember due to covid delays in CHINA orders can take up to 12 weeks however I try my best to notify and get orders out after 5 weeks when possible.

*NOTE: when purchasing remember due to covid delays in CHINA orders can take up to 12 weeks however I try my best to notify and get orders out after 6 weeks when possible.

Return policy

What are your diamond drills made from?
All diamond painting drills are made of RESIN.

Why does drill order (conversion kits, custom drills orders) processing takes so long?
Jaded Gem Shop is currently a one person operation. The owner, Jade, has to edit labels, print and cut labels, individually weigh each drill color, double seal each packet of drills for each order which can take some time especially when the waiting list is 20 orders long. She does strives to for fill orders as quickly as possible.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is calculated at checkout. Add items to your cart to see the exact fee.

Jaded Gem Shop does not provide estimates, nor is responsible, on any duty, VAT, taxes or clearance charges that may be applicable outside of the USA. Buyer is solely responsible for understanding and complying with the import requirements of the destination country.

Has my order shipped?
You will receive an email notifying you when your order has been processed and is shipped.

How fast will I get my items?
For diamond paintings, orders can take 3-12 weeks to be shipped as stated in multiple locations on the website.

For diamond painting drill orders, you can expect 6-12 weeks as all drill orders are filled in the order received. We strive for faster processing times, but cannot be responsible for events out of our control.

Once shipped, items should arrive to you in 3-7 business days.

Where do you ship from?
All items are sent from our location in California. unless you request dropshipping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kristin H

This painting is rendered so well. The color choices are perfect. I really enjoyed working on this and love how it turned out. The perfect mix of confetti and color blocking. The drills are great quality as well. I'll be ordering again again for sure!

70x105cm … I like it but…

The art is amazing and I love the picture. The rendering was not great for the size I bought: 70x105cm.

For the price, it should have been a better render (or this size not offered at all). The drills had a lot of trash and were not a consistent size. I multiplace drills and had to get more careful after noticing the trashy drills. The drills came all in small packages. I wish I took pictures. It’s not the end of the world, but it was annoying. The black drills were the worst! Awful. I wish I had used my extra from another company. The inconsistent drill size also made multiplacing hard and I see some rows with too many drills and found some without enough and had to fill them in.

It took more than 3 months for the product. If more time was needed to render better, I would have waited.

ALSO…I had to pay extra $15 in shipping due to the size. I placed an order for multiple giant canvases to help the owner due to flooding at location. If I had been notified before paying I may have ordered smaller sizes.

Ms. Jade is pretty responsive to emails. I have not emailed her about the issues with drills and rendering. I did not get email to review this item. Some of items from order were not on the request to review email. Shrug.